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Winter 2022 Connect Business Consulting Newsletter

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter!

I'm celebrating the second anniversary of my business! Becoming an entrepreneur and handling the many aspects of leading a business has been challenging and fulfilling. I'm proud to be an agile entrepreneur who can adapt to change and continue to connect people today for a stronger community tomorrow. My work adds meaning to my life as I decide how to make social impacts. Partnering with clients on community programs has allowed me to make a difference. This year brought milestones: National program expansion, a new office space on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, event sponsorship, speaking engagements, and more! Thanks to my family, friends and business partners! I could not have done it without your support.


BUSINESS EXPANSION: I'm now accepting Chicago clients

I'm happy to announce that Connect Business Consulting now has a Chicago base of operations to serve new clients. In addition to my Milwaukee projects, I'm looking forward to exploring new opportunities in Chicago. The expansion has long been a business goal of mine. I'll be working hard in both Chicago and Milwaukee as well as enjoying Chicago with my husband, kids, extended family, and friends. Feel free to spread the word to your Chicago contacts and send them my way! Another Chicago connection: Starting this month: I joined the Chicago cohort of Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses Program (10KSB)! The business curriculum and networking benefit my work as an entrepreneur. Here’s to business growth for everyone in the new year!


HOUR OF TECH: Program sets a mentoring record

Time to celebrate a big win for Southeastern Wisconsin during Computer Science Week (December 6-12)! The Hour of Tech was a regional week-long experience that supported and expanded the national Hour of Code movement during Computer Science Week (December 6-12). This year surpassed last year's goal of 10,000 hours by collectively logging over 34,000 hours of mentorship with area students. It was exciting to see how companies and educators approached the shared goal – to increase student awareness of the power and impact of technology on the world around them. Click on the video link that captured this extraordinary event. It highlights some of Milwaukee's tech champions and provides an opportunity to see some of the innovative and creative events in action during the week. Hour of Tech was sponsored by the MKE Tech Hub Collation and powered by Connect Business Consulting. Thanks to NEWaukee for producing the great video!


THANK YOU, TWICE: Madison365 Black Leaders Awards

So thrilled to be named to Madison365's list of 48 Most Influential Black Leaders for 2021! It's twice as sweet since my husband, Dr. Reginald Adams, was also named to the list. Thank you, Madison365! Reginald and I salute the other 46 recipients for their awesome achievements and hard work. On a personal note, Reginald and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in December and we are thankful for all of our blessings. (In the photo, Reginald is in the top row, sixth from left. and I'm shown bottom center.)



To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a new lens, my family traveled to the DuSable Museum of African-American History in Chicago to see "The March" immersive exhibit. Wearing virtual reality goggles, I felt like I was with the marchers in Washington in 1963!

MLK's words have always inspired me. I loved seeing his quote painted on a DuSable Museum wall: "...I am still convinced that there is nothing more powerful to dramatize an injustice than the tramp tramp of marching feet."

Thanks to American Family Insurance for sponsoring "The March"!

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