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Tools You Can Use: Project Management Tools for Business Owners

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Our clients often say that finding global project management tools and processes that are accessible to medium-sized businesses and community-based organizations is challenging. There are several tools on the market that vary in price and functionality. The key is to find the tools and solutions that work best for your business and team. Most importantly, you want to use tools that are easy to scale as your business grows and makes tasks and deliverables easy to assign, track, and visualize.

We have identified three easy to use tools that are great for tracking tasks and team collaboration. They are free or low cost and can scale as your team and business grow. They also work well for teams with limited project management resources. However, once you are ready to hire additional resources or a project manager, they make onboarding new team members more manageable, so you can focus on elevating and growing your business!

If you’re looking for a project management tool that helps you effectively communicate and remain in alignment with your team, may be your solution. is a platform for businesses with a team of any size because it allows you to scale as your team grows. Through, you have the capabilities to add team members, create workflows, assign tasks, all while keeping track of your team’s deliverables and due dates. They also include templates that help you get started tracking your tasks and deliverables quickly. There is an option for teams to collaborate through the software and integrate with other applications including Google Drive, Zoom, and LinkedIn. There is a downloadable app for your Android or iPhone and offers a free trial to test its capabilities.

2. Trello

For those who prefer sticky notes on boards to organize projects and tasks, Trello may be your new best friend! With Trello, users have a full view of their project boards in one place. Users have the capability to view their current projects, tasks, due dates, as well as project status. Teams can collaborate through Trello by leaving and updating notes and attaching documents to the boards for review. Trello has a downloadable app for your Android or iPhone. Trello offers a free version as well as a paid version with additional capabilities.

Looking for a way to collaborate with your team without sending tons of emails or adding everyone to a group chat via text? Insert Slack, a collaborative platform that brings teams together to communicate efficiently. With Slack, team members can communicate with the entire team or create private conversations for details not meant for the entire group. Slack even allows for apps to be connected to your workspace, increasing productivity, and organization. Slack offers several pricing features, including a free version.

If you are unsure of the best project management tool for your company or would prefer project management support from an expert, Connect Business Consulting can help. Contact us today for a consultation!

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