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A guide to making the best CSR choices for your Organization

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

When organizations look for opportunities to support their community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), they often do not need to look far. Regular appeals for funding often come directly to them from nonprofits. Urgent fundraising can soar after natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. And annual requests for funding and one-time asks are also common.

When determining a company's outreach decision, I have advised leaders that it is vital to align with their company's mission and goals and choose programs and initiatives that support their business strategy and objectives. A program needs to set clear objectives and measurements for success. A project plan needs to be created, executed, and implemented. These steps are crucial for bridging community initiatives and organizations to streamline processes and make the most impact.

Organizations need to ask the right questions when determining which community programs they want to invest in and support, such as STEAM education, diversity & inclusion initiatives, and economic empowerment programs.

Some questions to ask:

· Is your goal to build a more robust brand awareness that is unique to your business?

· Are you going to create a new program or join a local or national coalition?

· What social causes (education, food security, health) resonate with your employees and consumers?

· What amount are you budgeting?

· Are you looking to help build a talent pipeline?

I would be happy to guide your choices in finding the best CSR plan for you! Kenge Adams is CEO and Founder of Connect Business Consulting, the project management and relationship bridge between corporations and community organizations to work together on lasting change for a stronger community.

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