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Corporate social responsibility or “corporate citizenship” can be defined in many ways, but the result is singular: Leaving a positive imprint and legacy on surrounding communities.


CSR is a self-regulating behavior that is socially accountable and self-aware of its impact on society. CSR is shown when a corporation helps rather than hurts. An analogy: A hiker is walking on a nature trail. Instead of trampling flowers and leaving destruction and neglect, the hiker obeys the posted signs, repairs the trail surface where needed, and picks up litter.


That’s an example of being socially accountable and self-aware.




Corporations choose to step in to level the playing field in communities where assets are lacking. Programs, products, and services can be provided through community engagement to eligible residents, improving health, safety, education, and economic prospects.


It’s a way to make a difference while doing business.



CSR accomplishes several goals through branded community outreach.

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